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Blog optimization we feel is imperative for business, optimizing the blog for both reader retention and search engine visibility will ensure its success. Unfortunately, many free or out-of-the-box blogs force the use of a proprietary URL’S (, and are difficult to brand, and limit the tools necessary to properly optimize the blog. Open source blog platforms, while customizable, require a great deal of effort and knowledge before they can be properly deployed, this is where we come in.

Our firm has been immersed in open source technology and blog development (XML and XHTML) for years. We can provide a litany of services and enhancements to your blog or website to ensure it is properly optimized, including: Blog Activities of Internet Users Worldwide, 2008

A dedicated server provides the reliability required to ensure your blog incurs minimal downtime. The fast performance a dedicated server provides is also essential to ensure a pleasurable customer experience. In addition, we take steps to brand your blog to your specification and wrap your blog around a clean, convertible design that ensures ease of use and customer retention.

We also ensure your blog is viewable in the latest internet browsers. Internet Explorer 7 and 6, FireFox and Safari are included in our testing process. This can be a major issue within the monitor area (resolution) of all potential customers, ensuring your blog is accessible via home computers, laptops, mobile phones, or any Internet-enabled device.

Strategic keyword categories are fully researched then selected to represent the content of your blog. This ensures the information it contains is categorized for relevance, search engine indexing and customer navigation. We can also take the steps necessary to introduce your site to second-tier social media applications that can play a major role in the success of your social media campaigns.

Further, our firm provides a full-service solution to blog optimization. Our comprehensive methodology addresses every step of blog creation, marketing, promotion and enhanced 2nd tier optimization, including:

  1. The use of a tailor-made blog platform crafted to maximize brand recognition.
  2. Customized design without the use of out-of-the-box default templates.
  3. RSS Aggregated News Feeds (server-side integrated)
  4. RSS subscription options.
  5. Dedicated blog hosting to ensure fast page loading and easy information retrieval.
  6. Keyword researched categories relevant to products and services.
  7. Proprietary search engine optimization tools.
  8. Automated “pinging.”
  9. Submission to Blog/RSS directories (by hand)
  10. Detailed analytics to track your repondesnts
  11. Blog Training to ensure you use your blog effectively
  12. Blog Promotion to maximize your blog’s effectiveness.
  13. Blog Marketing to enhance your social media campaigns
  14. 100% turn-key social media marketing campaigns

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