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It is no less than a wonder that in just a few short years, blogging has become, without a doubt, the most powerful tool in place by which to communicate to the world. If executed after effective blog training, blogging not only acts as an incredible way to enhance and expand public knowledge about your industry, but it also elevates your company’s position in that industry. A higher company profile means more mind-share, more referrals and ultimately happier customers. It’s our pleasure to share knowledge of this new medium with all of you. Our blog training seminars are around two hours long and include individual follow-up. The seminars cover the following topics:

What is a blog?

A blog resembles a website that employs a content management system. While providing blog training, we discuss all the parts that make up a blog and the role that they can play in your communication strategy. We’ll also discuss the most standard SEO tactics applied in blog optimization.

Strategic role of a blog

What we strongly believe is that a blog acts as the best way to participate in conversations about your industry, thus leveraging the power of blogging. This blog training will enhance your understanding by discussing the entire process in detail so that it can effectively help you integrate blogging into your larger communication strategy.

Writing style

Every new medium requires new methods of communication to make it unique, interesting and effective. As a key part of blog training, learning how to write the best blogs and what writing styles can be applied will not only give you an edge in providing intelligent content, but also in increasing search engine visibility. Our blog training will enhance your writing for better blogging and better results.


Many people believe that authentic communication occurring at blogs makes the best part of blog reading. In these seminars, we’ll discuss some fundamental skills that you can acquire to maximize your blogs authenticity and minimize the risk of being perceived as an inauthentic marketing piece.

Value ads

The key to seeing results from blogging is to add value to your readers’ lives. We’ll discuss and see examples of some simple ways to leave your readers satisfied and happy that they visited your blog. After all, you want to keep your viewers happy by providing educational content.


There are methods, such as blog optimization, to improve the rankings and traffic at blogs. The blog training course will allow us to discuss and look at several ways through which blogs are being topically aggregated into rss feeds to expand and increase your search engine visibility.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a very important part of blogging. From optimizing your own RSS feed delivery, to subscribing to searches and other RSS feed directories , you are able to achieve real time competitive intelligence research. The medium of RSS is easy, simple, and the most powerful way to dramatically increase your traffic power.


From SEO, to visuals, to blog optimization, to getting indexed by blog search engines and standard search engines, there are many important details to take care of. After our time together you’ll know how to do it all.

Good RSS courses should be conducted by top-rated business bloggers. What is covered in these blog training course includes the following:

  1. Initial Walkthrough
    • Login process and URLS (login, blog, other)
    • When/How to contact support and where to find help documentation
    • The basic structure of a blog site: Blog, Admin Area, Weblogs/Channel List
    • Cover the glossary terms outlined in the glossary found in the documentation
  2. Basic Functions
    • Adding, revising and removing posts
    • Adding, revising and removing comments
    • Viewing draft items, publishing them or removing them
    • Basic HTML formatting and linking to external sites and resources
    • Choosing and adding keywords to a post
    • Linking to items internally
  3. Content Strategy
    • Hands on effective blog training
    • Overview of importance of keywords and content writing
    • Investigating keywords to be used in content writing and where to position these words in the headlines and text
    • Researching a niche’s particular problems, issues and interests and how a blog can help point to solutions and information
    • Various types of posts from short, quick references to longer essay-type posts
    • Enhancing blog networking by building blogrolls, commenting on similar blogs and highlighting other bloggers and companies (collaboration versus competition)

Thus, as you can gather from our blog training course overview, we will make you proficient to run your blog successfully in order to achieve the desired traffic to your blog and attain heightened popularity of your online business in minimum time and with maximum ease.

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