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Podcast Marketing Services

Podcast marketing is a powerful tool used to broadcast audio-visual presentations to a massive audience of captive potential customers. Much like other forms of social media marketing, Podcasts enable you to reach potential customers at their convenience. Their subscription to your podcast denotes their interest in your business and marketing message. Their use of an iPod, cell phone, MP3 player or other popular consumer device denotes their participation in emerging technological trends. The customers who view your Podcast often turn to the online world as their primary source for consumer information and news.

Consumer usage of Podcasts is steadily on the rise. According to a study performed by Edison Media Research over the course of one year:

  • Consumer awareness of the term “Podcasting” increased from 22% to 37%.
  • Consumers who have listened to an audio Podcast rose from 11% to 13%.
  • Consumers who have watched a video Podcast rose from 10% to 11%.

While a relatively new marketing concept, our firm has specialized in social media marketing strategies such as Podcasting for several years. We have created impactful marketing presentations for major clients, ranging from small businesses to publicly traded companies. We take the steps necessary to ensure your Podcast is of superior quality, including:

  • Professional scriptwriting without the use of outsourced copywriters.
  • A proven process for online presentation, design, and delivery.
  • MP3 and video hosting services.
  • Audio and video recording and production.
  • Voiceover integration.
  • Post-production services including video editing, mastering, and encoding.
  • Distribution and aggregation: the methods by which customers find and use your podcast.
  • Monthly usage statistics
  • Professional internet media placement to ensure high levels of exposure.

Our firm is a turnkey solution for businesses seeking a specialized approach to Podcast formation, execution, and delivery. We provide the necessary services for effective Podcasting and integrate your multimedia creations into the overall approach of your online marketing campaign. Our specialized service can help you tackle the challenge of harnessing the power of this new and innovative marketing channel.

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