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Search engine visibility is of primary importance for businesses seeking to expand into the online marketplace. Blogs and social media improve search engine visibility and provide access to your sites information through a variety of channels. Our firm provides a proven methodology that will ensure your search engine success.

Our process requires a four-tier approach:

At your request, our firm will provide a free review of your current portfolio of online assets, including traditional web sites and existing blogs. We will inform you of any deficiencies in construction, design, or structure that is hindering your search engine visibility and effectiveness. We will then offer a personalized set of services to reform your online portfolio in order to maximize its potential.

In the event you have no current online presence, we will offer to construct one that will conform to our rigid set of standards in order to ensure your future online success. We may recommend temporary stop-gap measures, such as Pay-Per-Click campaigns or other temporary advertising packages. These measures are offered to ensure your new online presence is exposed to the maximum number of potential customers from its inception.

The hands-on attention RSS Applied provides each of our clients begins and ends with thorough research of your company and industry. We base our recommendations on hard evidence related to the competitive climate your web site and blog will face on the web. Doing so gives us the ability to make solid strategy recommendations for improving your search engine visibility based on competitive information.

Our initial blueprint encompasses what will be required to build the search engine visibility of your business. Technical and ‘human’ aspects we consider include:

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